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Avicola Crevedia

Avicola Crevedia-Broiler Farm & Slaughterhouse

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The Avicola Crevedia history begins more than 50 years ago, in 1959. Actual production starts in 1962, Avicola Crevedia being at the time the first poultry companyin Romania and in Eastern Europe. The crest of the company is reached in 1981, after merging with Avicola Buftea and Avicola Mogosoaia. At that time, newspapers were writing that ‘’the annual production is 1.000.000 eggs and 5.000.000 chicks”. (Scanteia Journal).

The privatization process begins in 1990, and in 2006 Agroli Group takes over the management, by acquiring Avicola Crevedia and Avicola Tartasesti.

Avicola Crevedia enjoys a great reputation and trust from its clients. Today, the company includes nine farms and a slaughterhouse, completely modernized through the investment programs of the mother company and due to the accessed European funds.


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