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Avicala Tartasesti

Avicola Tartasesti

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Founded in 1969, Avicola Tartasesti has quite a long history itself, being considered at that time one of the most experienced breeding farms in Romania.

Within the Agroli Group, this is where the production process begins, inside the breeding farms and the hatchery station.

Choosing the breeds is highly important, but not sufficient.  The recipe for getting the best results is completed with the newest technology and with great experience in poultry breeding and reproduction.

The new hatchery station was modernized in 2007, according to HACCP and EU regulations, and is fully automatic. Thus, inside everything is perfectly controlled, from climatic monitoring to the parameters of every hatching phase, which are constantly verified. Considering this, it’s easy to understand why the production of 1 day chicks grew by 9% in 2010.


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