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Crevedia Express

Crevedia Express

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In the beginning of 2010, Agroli Group had breeding farms and a hatchery station, broiler farms, a slaughterhouse and a fodders factory. There was only one thing missing for the image to be complete – its own stores, where the products can reach directly the end customers.

By the end of 2010, Agroli Group had already opened 8 Crevedia Express stores, while the plan for this year includes the opening of another 12, placed in food markets and in residential areas. The chain works on the concept of “stop, buy and cook” and promotes key values such as accessibility and quality.

Inside the Crevedia Express stores the customers will find a wide range of fresh products, natural or ready prepared to be cooked and eaten.

These stores facilitate the access to the entire range of Agroli products at convenient prices and allow the company to keep in direct contact with the end customers and get their feedback.

Visit the Contact page to locate the nearest Crevedia Express store on the map.


The store from Bulevardul Basarabia, nr. 102, bloc B3, Sector 2 – Bucuresti


The store from Soseaua Bucuresti – Tirgoviste, nr. 276, Buftea – judetul Ilfov


The store from Soseaua Colentina, nr. 53, bloc 59, Sector 2 – Bucuresti


The store from Drumul Taberei, Strada Pestera Scarisoara, nr. 1A, bloc 701A, Sector 6 – Bucuresti


The store from Rahova, Strada Margeanului, nr. 30, bloc M12, Sector 5 – Bucuresti


The store from Strada Lacul Ursului, nr. 23 A, Otopeni – judetul Ilfov


The store from Strada Popa Farcas, nr. 57, Ploiesti – judetul Prahova


The store from Rahova, Calea Rahovei, nr.295, bloc 72, Sector 5 – Bucuresti


The store from Rahova, Calea Rahovei, nr.321, bloc 28, Sector 5 – Bucuresti


The store from Berceni, Strada Straduintei, nr. 1B, Sector 4 – Bucuresti


The store from Bulevardul Nicolae Titulescu, nr. 80, Sector 1 – Bucuresti

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