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  • Avicola Tartasesti
  • Crevedia Express
  • Fabrica de Nutreturi Combinate
Fabrica de Nutreturi Combinate

Combined Fodder

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The Combined Fodders Factory is being operated directly by Agroli Group, who also manages all the entities.

The percept with which we started our journey was that all that we do must pass through us . This was the main reason why, in 2009, Agroli Group has inaugurated the Combined Fodders Factory, one of the most modern factory of its kind in Europe and surely the most modern in Romania. It lays on a surface of 40.000 sqm and it hosts stocks, raw and finished materials silos, but also offices and other extensions.

Inside the Fodders Factory everything works just perfect, the production is automatic and it only requires few workers to operate a huge processing capacity, of 20 tons of fodders per hour.

Now, we feed our chicks with our own resources, produced in the Agroli factory. This way, we make sure that we only use high quality raw materials and nothing gets in the way of our production cycle.

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