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La Ferma Gourmet:

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La Ferma Gourmet, our new processed range of products, is dedicated to all our customers who are looking for new products to satisfy their needs and tastes.

The products from the new line, spiced, marinated or breaded, are evenly flavored and ready to be cooked in any occasion, anytime.


Chicken minced meat rolls

  • Chicken minced meat rolls
  • Packaging type: tray

Seasoned Griller chicken

  • Seasoned Griller chicken
  • Packaging type: tray

Seasoned wings

  • Seasoned wings
  • Packaging type: tray

Minced meat

  • Minced meat
  • Packaging type: tray

Chicken schnitzel

  • Chicken schnitzel
  • Packaging type: tray

Seasoned legs

  • Seasoned legs
  • Packaging type: tray

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